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Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) – MOBY'S Charity Partner

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) – MOBY'S Charity Partner

Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD) was established in December 2000 as a non-profit organization with the mission to improve the welfare of stray and abandoned dogs in Singapore. ASD was officially registered with the Registry Of Societies on the 3rd July 2002.

ASD aims to fulfill its mission through various activities and programs including rescuing, fostering and re-homing of stray and abandoned dogs, advocating sterilization as a means of controlling the stray population, heightening public awareness of the responsibilities involved in pet ownership and highlighting the virtues of our local dogs.

ASD also works with official institutions and other non-governmental organizations in order to synergize the efforts towards alleviating the plight of the local stray dog population. Regular events are organized to raise funds for veterinary care of rescued dogs and to promote adoption of our local dogs.

As a non-profit, non-governmental organization, all related work is carried out mainly by volunteers and through contributions. Initially comprising of 3 volunteers, the group has now grown to about 20 odd core volunteers.

The ASD Philosophy
ASD believes that all animals big or small deserve a life of love and care, not just a life of fear and survival. There are thousands of healthy stray dogs that are put to sleep every year, due to lack of space, resources and non acceptance by the majority of society.

ASD strongly believes that each and every one of them deserve a second chance at life, and that includes the many sick and diseased strays that will never be given that chance to be healed, or a chance to experience the love and warmth of a home.

ASD works with a simple philosophy of ‘One dog at a time’, and every dog under the care is precious to us. With that philosophy, the team adheres to a very strict code of no-kill, and does what it takes to ensure the dogs in ASD's care receive the optimum care and protection, regardless of their health condition.

The Future
ASD aims to generate greater support for this cause and to develop a sturdy foundation of committed members who will be willing to speak up and help these helpless creatures, and to slowly change the bias of society to accept these wonderful creatures, so full of love and loyalty.

Support ASD
For more information about ASD and how to support their work, please visit www.asdsingapore.com.

Please also keep in mind that MOBY'S Petshop donates a portion of all sales made through our store to ASD and other local animal charities.

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