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Breaking Down The Myths

Breaking Down The Myths

We’re launching a new series “MOBY’S Tips” with useful Learning nuggets on pets. The first edition is about popular “Dog Facts” that are actually false. Knowing the truth about these common myths could help saving your pet's life.

“All dogs have bad breath”

No one knows how this myth evolved, but it’s entirely false. Bad breath is caused by bacteria, which is usually a sign of dental disease. Unchecked, it can cause pain and a dangerous infection. Since brushing dog’s teeth isn’t something most pet owners are willing to take on, hence having your dog’s teeth properly cleaned at least once a year is a must. The risk of infection far outweighs the risk of using anesthesia on your dog, and we all know how much a toothache hurts. Bad breath is just one symptom that your dog may not feel well.

 “Inside dogs don’t get fleas”

A common misperception about indoor dogs is that they cannot get fleas – even though it’s actually very common. Fleas can create serious complications for dogs including tapeworm infestation, anemia, and painful hot spots. To complicate the problem, all that scratching can create wounds that can easily get infected. Not sure if your dog has fleas? If you can’t spot them when you move your hand backward through your dog’s fur, use a flea comb, which will trap the annoying insects before they can hop away.

Another sign: tiny red bumps around your ankles that itch like mosquito bites. Fleas are also notoriously difficult to eradicate, so you might want to try various home remedies to clear them out of your home, then speak with your vet about preventative flea treatment for your pooch.

“Dogs don’t feel pain”

We’re conditioned to cry when we feel pain, but dogs are not, however that doesn’t mean they’re not feeling it. A puppy will yelp when she’s hurt, but an adult dog usually just keeps on going. So how do you tell if your dog is hurting? Beyond obvious symptoms such as limping, look for a change in behavior, such as eating less or sleeping more. This is especially true for pain that isn’t localized.


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