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Cat Welfare Society (CWS) – MOBY'S Charity Partner

Cat Welfare Society (CWS) – MOBY'S Charity Partner
Cat Welfare Society believes every cat should live a life free from fear and suffering. This is why we exist, to help those who can't help themselves. As a charity, CWS believes in saving lives and this means campaigning against the inhumane culling of cats. We believe in population control through education..

Over the years, CWS has grown from strength to strength, amassing a very strong network of volunteers nationwide. Our work has expanded to include community mediation and frontline intervention, stray management, education outreach, rescue and rehoming, foster care programmes as well as adoption drives.

Great results through community outreach
When CWS was first established in 1999, more than 13,000 cats were culled that year in a bid to control the stray population. That equated to an average of 35 cats killed every single day. Our tireless campaigning over the years against the inhumane culling of cats has resulted in a record low of less than 1000 cats put down in 2015. Whilst still not ideal, we have come a long way from where we started thanks to our dedicated volunteers who are actively working towards a common cause - savings lives everyday.

In 2011 CWS received the Animals Asia Welfare Award for “outstanding contribution to a community-based programme or campaign”.

Support CWS
To support CWS programs, please visit the online store on shopee.sg/catwelfaresociety.

Please also keep in mind that a portion of all purchases made on MOBY'S Petshop will be donated to CWS and other local animal charities. 

For more information, please visit www.catwelfare.org.
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