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MOBY’S Tips: 5 Smells That Dogs Don’t Like

MOBY’S Tips: 5 Smells That Dogs Don’t Like
You probably know that a dog’s sense of smells is so much better than us humans.  From people to places, they tell everything apart by smell. They love to sniff.  But did you know that dogs have smells that they don’t like?

Here are 5 smells to know, so we can make sure our dogs are always comfortable.

1. Vinegar
Even to us humans, vinegar has a strong, acidic, and pungent smell. So imagine how bad it must be for dogs. Although stinky, vinegar is not harmful. It can be useful for training or odor removing.

2. Cigarettes
Dogs react to smoke and will start sniffing around. Cigarette smoke then enters their airway and cause irritation, cough, and a choking feeling. It can weaken your dog’s immune system and even cause allergies. Caution is needed for your dog around smokers.

3. Alcohol
If a dog licks even just one drop of alcohol, it can cause dizziness or intoxication. Keep any alcohol related drinks, foods, cleaning products and hand sanitizers away from your dog. Be careful not to breathe in their faces with alcohol breath or touch your dog right after using hand sanitizer

4. Citrus scents
For humans, citrus scents can be aromatic and relaxing. But for dogs, it’s almost like vinegar. Sharp and pungent. In some cases dogs may find the strong smell nauseating. You want to keep citrusy things away from dogs.

5. Chemical scents
Artificial scents such as perfumes, hair products, and cleaning liquids are commonly found in most households. Even for some of us humans, the smell can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s recognized that dogs dislike and even fear scents that do not exist in the natural world.

Don’t forget to be considerate of your dog with the smells around you. A dog’s sense of smell is estimated to be 10,000 to 100,000 times more acute than ours!
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