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New Zealand Offers Some Of The Best Pet Foods

New Zealand Offers Some Of The Best Pet Foods

Addiction is one of the most well-known pet food manufacturer based in New Zealand, a country that homes several top-tier pet industry players (e.g. Ziwi Peak, WOOF).

Addiction is considered as a premium and ethical brand that uses only the purest local natural ingredients. It offers dog food products in 3 different ranges: From the innovative air-dried Raw Dehydrated meals to the deliciously grain-free Canned foods and holistic Dried Foods, Addiction lets you switch between 3-4 different kinds of food every few weeks, helping to keep your pet happy, free from allergies and nutritionally balanced at all times

Apart from your usual Dry & Canned Food, they offer Raw Dehydrated formula as well. If you are looking at pet foods that offer all the benefits of raw food without the dangerous bacteria commonly found in raw meats, raw dehydrated food might be the answer to your question. The dehydration process helps to begin the digestive process, which makes it far easier on the digestive tract of a pet that is older.

Available in 8 flavors, from expertly-reared free-range New Zealand venison to supremely nutritious wild game like Brushtail, which are packed with flavor and wholesome nutrients. Addiction food are made as beneficial as possible to your pet’s well-being, taking a completely fresh approach to the meats used. Not only do the foods tend to contain a higher amount of quality protein than most, but the meats used are from premium proteins.

Discover the various Addiction Raw Dehydrated flavours in detail:


Not only will your dog find it hard to resist the exquisite taste of Wild Kangaroo, this health-giving protein is prized as a lean, high quality game meat. Wild Kangaroo is a ‘muscle meat' that provides essential amino acids to support weight maintenance, muscle building, tissue repair and metabolic process. Addiction's Outback Kangaroo Feast is a wellness recipe designed for peak performance for all life stages.


Figs takes center place in this tempting and exotic recipe. Rich in Antioxidants and Fiber, Figs are masterfully prepared with New Zealand Venison to create an unforgettably scrumptious and wholesome meal for your dog.


Inspired by New Zealands’s magical Summers, this nutritious and delectable recipe combines mouth-watering Brushtail meat with nutrient rich Sunflower Seeds, Papayas, Spinach and Potatoes. For decades, New Zealanders have been feeding their pets Brushtail for its nutritional value, and great taste. Combined with Sunflower Seeds, power packed with beneficial nutrients, Addiction brings to you an exquisitely nutritious and delicious formula for your dog.


Nothing beats the taste of New Zealand Venison lovingly prepared with Potatoes, Spinach, Papayas and Cranberries. Featuring juicy Cranberries, packed with beneficial nutrients, this hearty and nutritious recipe is made from the very best premium ingredients. A balanced and scrumptious meal, your dog will love you for it.


For decades, New Zealanders have been feeding their pets Brushtail and Venison for their nutritional value, and great taste. Combined with Active Manuka Honey, Addiction brings to you an exquisitely nutritious and delicious formula for your dog.


What can be more satisfying than New Zealand Lamb flavored with fragrant Rosemary and Thyme? Topped off with Spinach, Potatoes and Carrots, this grain-free recipe is a wholesome daily meal for your dog.


Reward your dog with a tantalizing steakhouse experience that brings together mouth-watering New Zealand Beef with the refreshing taste of Zucchini. With chunky beef pieces that you can see, this grain-free recipe is designed for peak performance and is ideal for adult dogs.


Give your dog a scrumptious and healthy country dinner with tender New Zealand chicken flavored with the delicate aroma of sweet apricots. With chunky chicken pieces that you can see, served up with a hearty portion of potatoes and carrots, this irresistible grain-free meal will leave your dog begging for more.

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