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60% OFF [BFCM]: CJ® Stylish Shell Dog & Cat Bed (Medium)

$22.90 $49.90

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The CJ® Stylish Shell Pet Bed is the perfect companion for your loved one, and provides your pet with a comfortable and convenient resting place, while having a trendy design that fits your home. The patented shelter design makes the bed very easy to clean and store.

Key Benefits:

–  Convenient and stylish pet bed with adjustable cover
–  Made of durable canvas and polyester 
–  Easy to clean & store
–  Size: 47cm x 52cm x 47cm

Measurements & Materials:
–  Length: 47cm, Width: 52cm, Height: 47cm
–  Shell: Canvas
–  Piping: Canvas
–  Mattress: Velboa (Top), Polyester Oxford (Bottom)