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3 FOR $22 [SAVER]: Addiction® Meaty Bites Grain-Free Dog Treats 113g (4 Flavours)

$22.00 $32.10

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Addiction’s Grain-Free Meaty Bites are tasty, soft and packed with a wonderfully delicious and nutritious meat with a full, rich taste that dogs simply love! We use only the most succulent, free-range New Zealand Brushtail / Venison / Chicken / Beef as the No. 1 ingredient. So each tasty bite satisfies your dog’s natural craving for meat. Ideal for training or just pampering your furry friend, the moist and soft texture will leave your dog wanting more! Treat your dog to the only healthy treats delicious enough to be called ‘Addiction’!

Key Benefits:
–  Free-range New Zealand Brushtail / Venison / Chicken / Beef
–  Soft & meaty texture, ideal for training
–  All natural, no artificial preservatives