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[NEW]: Bunny Nature® goVet Rescue Feed Small Pets Supplement (40g)


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Complete food for dwarf rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. 

Key Benefits:
– Assisted feeding in cases of inappetence
– Long-term feeding as porridge/porridge balls for pets with - impaired tooth function who cannot consume solid food
– Tasty, stimulates appetite
– Higher energy content – to build body weight
– With premium water lentil protein – contains all essential amino acids
– With spirulina
With prebiotic inulin – to support positive intestinal flora
– With lignocellulose – to stimulate intestinal peristalsis

– No preservatives, no flavor enhancers, no added sugar, no colourants and flavors

Growth of permanent meadows (timothy, meadow fescue, meadow foxtail, german ryegrass, red fescue, blue grass, cocksfoot, velvet grass, annual panicle grass, white ragweed, vernal grass, couch grass, tussock grass, reed canary grass, white clover, red clover, dandelion leaves, yarrow herb, ribwort, caraway, cow parsley, meadow sweet, common hornwort, bedstraw, thyme-leaved speedwell, bush vetch, comfrey, bedstraw-meadow thistle, daisies, germander speedwell, lady's mantle, greater burnet-saxifrage, narrow-leaved vetch, meadow saxifrage, crested dogtail grass, spring cinquefoil, green field-speedwell, common whitlow-grass, autumn dandelion, red ragweed, cowslip, small clover), timothy, oat peel bran, wheat bran, oat flakes, duckweed protein (7.3%), carrot pomace, linseed extracted, sunflower seed extracted, rape seed extracted, milk thistle seeds (2%), brewer's grain, brewer's yeast, spirulina (1%), lignocellulose (1%), dandelion root (0.7%), dandelion leaves, inulin (0.6%), stinging nettle leaves, rosehip peel, ribwort leaves, camomile blossoms


Feeding Instructions:
Mix RESCUE FEED with tepid water to form a porridge. Fill immediately into a feeding syringe or offer as porridge or porridge balls in a bowl. Divide the daily ration into 3-5 freshly made portions. Refrigerate any leftovers and feed soon. For more info, pls visit

To stimulate independent feeding, give premium bunny Hay, fresh tepid water and goVet ENERGY DENTAL daily. When pet feeds independently, switch to products from the bunnyNature brand.