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$13.90 ONLY: Major Dog® Mini Waldi Dog Toy

$13.90 $23.90

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Major Dog® is a German maker of premium dog toy & accessory products with maximum quality and durability. All Major Dog® products have received one of the highest manufacturing certificates in the world (TUV). 

Every dog has its favourite toy. The Waldi is an especially robust and durable dog toy with squeakies in the ears. It's not only great for throwing and fetching, it also floats for fun in the water! 

Key Benefits:
–  Fun and durable toy for your active companion
–  Improves dental & gum health
–  Easy to throw, clean & wash 
–  Also suitable for water play 
–  Comes in 2 sizes

Material & Measurements:
Material: Polyester

Weight:   160g
Size:       350mm

Weight:   60g
Size:       195mm