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3 FOR $8 [XMAS]: Zealandia® Free-Range Wet Cat Food 185g - 6 Flavours

$8.00 $12.00

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 PROMO:   3 FOR $8 ($12)!

Ahh, world famous New Zealand Grass-Fed Beef. Amongst the best sources of absorbable iron, this red meat and organs offer a bounty of nutrients and goodness. Slow cooked in a delicious broth, loaded with taste and delivering a satifisfaction only your pet can express. 

Key Benefits:
– Made in New Zealand
– Cruelty-Free, High Animal Welfare Standards
– Helps to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums
– High in Meat content
– 100% natural, grain-free
– Free from added Colouring, Flavourings & Preservatives
– Aids energy production to promote a lean physique