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$17.90 ONLY: Major Dog® Dummy Oskar Dog Toy

$17.90 $32.90

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Major Dog is a German Premium Dog Toy Accessory maker that is know for their high quality, durability and innovative design. All Major Dog products have received the highest standard manufacturing certificate in Europe (TUV).

Dummy Oskar is a robust and enjoyable toy for dogs. Dummy Oskar also cuts a good figure in the dog's basket as it is the perfect cuddly friend for your dog. The plush that is used is made of organic cotton, so that it is gentle on the dog's nose. It is also reinforced by the thermofixed Major Dog material, it being characterised by a high-quality and precise workmanship.

Key Benefits:
–  Ergonomically designed activity toy made of high-quality, durable materials
–  Designed by trainers, tested by dogs

Materials & Measurements:
Material:  Polyester, Organic Cotton