Product by Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog® Lisa Simpson Ruff Shock Absorbent Dog Leash (2 Sizes)


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The shock absorbent Lisa Simpson dog leash is part of the exclusive Zee.Dog + The Simpsons collaboration. This Ruff leash It comes with a sturdy super hook that includes an easy-to-use locking screw for extra safety. The polyurethane spring absorbs shocks when your dog pulls during walks. The small Ruff leash is longer and ideal for smaller dogs while the large Ruff leash is shorter to better control bigger and taller dogs.

Measurements & Materials:
–  S: Neck 0.8 inches | Waist 4 feet
–  L: Neck 1 inches | Waist 31.5 inches

Neoprene padding on the handle for extra comfort on the hands.