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Take your dog for a walk and still stay connected with Zee.Dog's Blue Tech Hands-Free Leash. The rope hands-free leash can be worn around the waist or shoulder using our E.zee lock adjustment buckle. This leash provides better control than hand held leashes and provides your dog and you with a more enjoyable walking experience.

Key Benefits:
–  Lightweight hands-free dog walking rope leash that allows you to stay connected even while walking your dog
–  Use on your waist, shoulder or even as a regular leash with the easy to adjust E.zee lock buckle
–  Metal hook on the leash that's easy to open and close
–  Leash is adjustable from 3 ft 3/4 in to 7 ft 10 in

Measurements & Materials:
Length:  3.9 - 7.87 ft