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$12 OFF: Whimzees® Variety Value Box Dog Dental Chews (3 sizes)

$39.50 $49.90
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–  Save $11, 25% OFF with the limited edition value box!
–  Small Box: 56 pieces -19 Alligator, 19 Toothbrush & 18 Stix

–  Medium Box: 28 pieces - 9 Alligator, 9 Toothbrush & 10 Stix
–  Large Box: 14pcs 

–  For a limited time only, while stocks last

Whimzees toothbrush dental treats have a fun shape that helps remove tartar and plaque as your dog chews. 

Key Benefits:
–  Low fat, gluten free, vegetarian and all natural dog treats
–  Cleans teeth and gums while also freshening breath
–  Fun shape and delicious ingredients that your dog is sure to love
–  Adds interest by stimulating your dog mentally and physically

Feeding Guidelines:
Treats are for supplementary feeding only.