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15% OFF: Reliq® Odor Eliminator Mint for Dogs & Cats (118ml)

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The RELIQ pet line was created after discovering a special mineral found in volcanic regions. Combining this mineral with cutting edge nanotechnology enables the products to be extremely effective in cleaning pet’s skin and coat as well as follicle maintenance.

Key Benefits:
–  Instant Odor Buster: Nano-enhanced minerals break through the bonds of odor molecules and dissolves them on contact 
–  Perfect for Indoors or Out: Spray on dog’s coats or paws as they enter or exit the house, car or kennel
–  Use After and In-Between Baths: After bathing, apply to damp coat before drying, or apply anytime between bathing for a clean and fresh scent
–  Multi-Purpose: Also safe for use on upholstery bedding or any surfaces
–  PH = 7.0 Pet Friendly: No harsh residual and lick safe, our natural pH7 deodorant is uniquely balanced for dogs 
–  Laboratory Tested & Pet Owner Approved: Safe for humans and pets. Independent lab-tested to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

Purified water, Titanium dioxide, Sodium tripolyphosphate, Citric acid, Mint oils.

Directions of Use:
Use after or in-between baths to infuse your pet with refreshing and nourishing scent. Carefully spray 5-10 inches from his or her body, avoiding eyes and nose. Allow to air dry.