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10% OFF: The Art Of Whole Food® Beef Bone Broth For Dogs & Cats 500g

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Brimming with the deliciously rich flavors of beef bones, this scrumptious broth makes a pawfect addition to your pet's regular diet. The nutrient-packed soup is gentle on sensitive digestive systems and can be incorporated in a variety of ways to improve hydration and include more nutrients in the little one’s meals

Key Benefits:
– Made in Australia
– Made with non-GMO, all-natural, human-grade ingredients including grass-fed beef bones
– Formulated without grains, preservatives or artificial ingredients
– Nutrient-packed beef broth that can be added to meals or made into treats
– Helps improve joint health and supports the digestive system
– Encourages hydration
– Can be used in a variety of ways to include more nutrients in your pet’s diet
– No need for refrigeration unless open.

Grass-fed Beef Bones, Filtered Water, Carrots, Parsley

Feeding Guidelines:
– Puppy: Small 30-50ml, Medium 50-100ml, Large 100-150ml
– Adult Dog: Small 50-100ml, Medium 100-150ml, Large 150-250ml
– Kitten:  20-40ml
– Adult Cat:  40-80ml