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20% OFF: Royal Canin® Feline Maine Coon Pouches Wet Cat Food 85g (12pcs)

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Royal Canin Breed Maine Coon is a balanced wet cat food, specifically developed to meet the nutritional needs of Maine Coon cats aged 15+ months. The combination of crustaceans (a rich source of glucosamine) and oils helps to protect joints and strengthen bones. Zinc and various vitamins strengthen the skin’s barrier function and accentuate the shine and natural beauty of the fur.

Key Benefits:
–  Specially formulated for Adult British Shorthair Cats
Promotes healthy skin and a beautiful coat
–  Controlled energy content
–  Supports healthy joints & bones

Meat and meat by-products, grains, fish and fish by-products, vegetable protein extract, minerals, vegetable by-products, oils, fat, sugar.