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$14.90 ONLY: Major Dog® Fishbone Dental Dog Toy

$14.90 $24.90

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Major Dog is a German maker of premium dog toy & accessory products of maximum quality and durability. All Major Dog products have received one of the highest manufacturing certificates in the world (TUV). 

The Fish Bone is a retrieval and teasing toy with a difference. The knotted rope that is of a mountaineering quality is of a very high non-slip quality in addition to it being tear-resistant. It is also so flexible that it can be transported in a bag and stowed away without difficulty. With the attached strap, throwing it a long way is as easy as pie. The thermofixed Major Dog material is robust and durable and it is characterised by a high-quality and precise workmanship.

Key Benefits:
–  Fun and durable toy for your active companion
–  Improves dental & gum health
–  Easy to throw, clean & wash 
–  Also suitable for water play 

Material & Measurements:
Material: Polyester
Weight:   80g
Size:       310mm (incl. loop 420mm)