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35% OFF: NutraGold® Holistic Finicky Cat Dry Food (2 sizes)

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Nature knows best, that's why NutraGold has been holistically formulated to meet a specific life stage, giving your cat a healthy and holistic edge. This healthy, wholesome diet is made with the best ingredients and latest nutritional research. This formula is specially designed for active indoor adult cats and help to control and prevent hairballs. This super premium diet is pH balanced and magnesium controlled.

Holistic Indoor Adult contains multiple meat protein sources and proper fatty acid ratios. Taurine is added to the formula for healthy heart and vision in your cats. NutraGold Holistic Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food is available in 3kg and 7.5kg.

Key Benefits:
  For sensitive cats
  Contains higher amounts* of animal protein for increased palatability to encourage cats to eat
  Independent taste tests show that cats prefer the taste of NutraGold
  Finicky Adult Cat over a leading super premium manufacturer 3 to 1
  High quality ingredients ensure the food is highly digestible and energy dense

Chicken (18%), Salmon (18%), Chicken meal, whole grain brown rice, chicken fat, oat flakes, whole grain white rice, potatoes (3%), barley, millet, turkey, duck, linseed, egg derivatives, natural chicken flavour, carrots (1%), peas, apples, kelp, cranberry powder, rosemary extract, parsley flake, dried chicory root, taurine, vitamins & minerals.