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3 FOR $15.80 [11.11]: Aatas Cat® Kuick Klump Bentonite Cat Litter 10L – Honeydew

$7.00 $8.00
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Aatas Cat® KUICK KLUMP Bentonite Litter is a safe and non-toxic cat litter made from 100% natural clay. The specially treated clay granules are moisture magnets, which clump quciky upon contact with liquids. The 98% dust-free granules are gentle on kitty paws and help reduce undesirable tracking under the cat's claws. This pet & human-friendly bentonite clay litter effectively neutralises unpleasant odour with its unique odour-seal formulation. Its exceptional clumping ability allows owners to conveniently scoop up the tightly compacted clumps without breaking apart. Aatas Cat strives to provide cats with impeccable product experiences, while aligning their everyday lives with our values for environmental sustainability.

Key Benefits: 
– Natural & Safe
– 98% Dust-Free
– Odour Control
– Instant Clump
– Easy to Scoop
– Non-Toxic
– Ultra Absorbent
– Paw Friendly