Product by Aixia

Aixia® Kin-Can Rich Tuna w Chicken Canned Cat Food 70g (12/24pcs)


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Kin Can Rich is Kin Can in an exquisite tasty sauce that your cats will love. This is the gold standard of cat canned food. Made with only the finest selection of maguro. A taste so heavenly your cats will ask for more!

Key Benefits:
  Added ingredients support body functions (Vit E)
–  Improves amino acid assimulation
–  Aids digestion
–  Reduce fecal odour

Fish (Tuna, Fish extract etc.), Chicken Fillet toppings, Protein hydrolysate, Yeast extracts, Lactosucrose, Thickening agent (xanthan gum), Seasoning, Xylose, Vitamin E