Product by Aixia

Aixia® Miaw Miaw Chicken Fillet w Whitebait Canned Cat Food 60g (12/24pcs)


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Miaw Miaw from Aixia Corporation is a revolutionary cat wet food, being the first with Fish/Chicken Peptide. Using this ingredient, peptide helps in destressing your pets in our city living environment where small & crowded space are our way of life.

Key Benefits:

  Helps in destressing & improve appetite
–  Improves assimilation of proteins
–  Light soft jelly that melts when warm
–  Suitable for weak and nursing cats

Meat (Chicken fillet, Chicken fillet extract, Chicken fillet peptide), Whitebait, Yeast Extract, Lactosucrose, Thickening agents, Seasoning, Vitamin E