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Burgess® Wellbeing Grain-Free Sensitive Digestion with Dental Defence Dry Cat Food 1.5kg

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Burgess Wellbeing Grain Free Sensitive Chicken Adult Dry Cat Food is formulated as a complete and balanced diet for adult cats with digestion issues.  As a grain free diet, Burgess Wellbeing Grain Free Sensitive Chicken Adult Dry Cat Food contains a unique carbohydrate blend (tapioca, sweet potato, potato, chickpeas & lentils), and 49% British chicken to provide a high protein diet for your cat. 

This diet is enriched with natural prebiotics (chicory & beet pulp) and provides good gut bacteria that helps to support digestion activities. All Burgess Wellbeing Dry Cat Food range is fortified with the Dental Defence Technology which helps maintain healthy teeth and gums, and with STAY-C® 50, a powerful free radical fighting antioxidant that can help with body odour control, and can prevent caries and gingivitis.

Burgess Wellbeing Dry Cat Food are made with ingredients that are locally sourced from UK. No added artificial flavours and colourings.

Key Benefits:
–  Complete and balanced diet for cats with digestion issues
–  Grain free, locally sourced ingredients from UK
–  Highly palatable
–  With Dental Technology that reduces plaque and tartar
–  Enriched with prebiotics (chicory & beet pulp) and antioxidants (STAY-C 50-

49% British Chicken (Poultry meat meal 37%, Poultry fat 9%, Chicken gravy 3%), Sweet potato, Potato, Tapioca, Lentils, Chickpeas, Potato protein, Unmolassed beet pulp (3%), Linseed, STAY-C® 50 0.07%.