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$13 ONLY [MEGASAVER]: Absorb Plus® Anti-Bacterial Pet Pee Pad (3 sizes)

$14.90 $29.00

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Absorb Plus anti-bacterial pee pads comes with maximum absorption and odor control capabilities, thanks to the activated charcoal and bamboo. These pee pads can be used daily with all types of dogs, for various purposes (e.g. pee pad, drying wet paws, protecting car seats, drying large spills).

Key Benefits:

–  Comes in 3 sizes: Small (33x45cm, 100pcs), Medium (45x60cm, 50pcs) and Large (60x90cm, 25pcs)
–  Super absorbent: 6 layers of protection, can contain 2 to 8 cups of liquid
–  Leak proof: 100% waterproof polyethylene base layer
–  Eco-friendly: Made of high quality 100% biodegradable surplus materials
–  4x stronger odor control (activated charcoal & bamboo), lasts up to 96h, quick-drying surface
–  Floor lock system with adhesive stick-on tape