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BUY 3 FREE 1 [LAUNCH]: Absolute Holistic® Grain-Free Venison & Whitefish Sandwich Dog Treats

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 LAUNCH:   Buy 3 FREE 1! Save $9.90!

Absolute Holistic Jerky offers a finger-licking good taste direct from the heart of our kitchen! Made in small batches to maximize our uniquely moist texture, we start with the good lean cuts of wholesome, delicious meat. Then we take the time to flame-grill our meats to perfection to make sure we’ve locked in the unexpectedly rich flavours and authentic aromas that your pet loves.

Key Benefits:
–  Oven-dried fresh deboned venison & whitefish as key ingredients
–  Great taste, slightly smokey flavour 
–  Rich in protein, low in calories
–  100% Natural and Grain-Free
–  No Chicken, Chicken By-Products, Chemicals or Allergens
–  No Chemicals, Allergens, Artificial Preservatives, Colors or Flavors
–  Ideal for chicken-sensitive dogs
–  Tested in USA-certified labs to ensure the safest quality

Venison, duck, fish, glycerin, vegetable starch, propylene glycol, vegetable protein, vegetable oil,garlic powder,sodium chloride, coloramts.

Feedings Guidelines:
Treats are meant for supplementary feeding only.