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10% OFF [NEW]: Chérie® Hairball Control Tuna Topping Shrimp in Gravy Canned Cat Food 80g


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Selected natural tuna flakes with delicious gravy give your cat a yummy and healthy feast. Specially add hairball control formula to help reduce hairball formation, reduce odor and maintain healthy digestion. Chérie – Hairball Control Series lets you indulge your cat with the taste of savory food while controlling hairballs.

Key Benefits:
–  Steamed Natural Cat Food - Made with all natural ingredients
–  Real tuna and seafood are the first ingredient
–  No chemicals, by-products and fillers
–  No Grains, Wheat, Corn, Soy, or Gluten
–  Indoor hairball formula - contains natural fiber blends

Tuna, Shrimp, Thickening agents, Cellulose fiber, Calcium sulfate, Fructo oligosaccharide/ Inulin, Taurine, Water