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20% OFF: Chitocure® Ultra Smoothing Shampoo (2 sizes)

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Your pets are important to you, being part of the family they are great companions. Chitocure provides you with basic body, skin & coat care products and environmental freshener, ensure both you and your pet’s having comfortable and healthy living.

Key Benefits:
  Contains natural ingredients that are extra mild, gentle and aromatic to ensure the safety and health of your pet.
–  Its rich moisturizing properties will condition skin and help reduce shedding.
–  Offers optimum cleansing and moisturizing properties to bring out your pet’s coat’s natural highlights and generate a brilliant sheen.

Main Ingredients:
Antioxidants, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E and herbs

Usage Instructions:
–  Lather & massage into wet coat and scalp
–  Leave on coat for 3 to 5 minutes
–  Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary
–  For best results, follow with Chitocure Conditioner