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Ciao® Grilled Skipjack Tuna Dried Bonito Flavour Cat Treat 12g (4pcs)

$4.90 $5.50

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Ciao is No. 1 selling cat treat in Japan. Ciao's new Grilled Skipjack cat treats are gently blow-torched to perfection, which allows for more flavour retention. These premium quality treats from Japan are higher in moisture than conventional treats, to provide sufficient hydration.

Key Benefits:
–  Grilled Tuna Chu ru Dried Bonito Flavour
–  Great for stimulating the appetites of senior & mature cats
–  Packed with abundant natural fish oils to reduce hairball issues
–  Seared to perfection, allows retention of natural flavours
–  Excellent palatability
–  Comes in sachets of 4 (4x12g)