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15% OFF: Daily Delight® Pure Skipjack Tuna White & Chicken with Sea Bream Canned Cat Food (24pcs)

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All the Daily Delight recipes are produced in a factory that also makes tuna for humans! So, you can be sure that we make use of 100% human-grade ingredients. Our tuna comes from the Western Pacific Ocean, which is where the world's freshest seafood come from. Each Pure recipe is accompanied by a unique ingredient, to give each can an unforgettable taste.

Key Benefits:
–  Case of 24 cans, 80g each
–  Select cuts of premium skipjack tuna
–  Real deboned fresh chicken
–  No meat by-products, wheat, corn or soy
–  Highly palatable and a healthy substitute for red meat
–  Offers a considerable amount of folic acid, Vitamin B9 and B12
–  Appealing source of hydration

Skipjack Tuna, Chicken, Sea Bream, Water, Rice, Lysine, Taurine and Vitamin E.