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20% OFF: K9 Natural® Freeze-Dried Lamb Green Tripe Toppers (2 sizes)

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Top up your dog’s dinner with our grass-fed 100% lamb green tripe. Packed full of natural probiotics, it’s truly unique and the stuff that doggy dreams are made of. They’ll love the taste and love you for it!

K9 Natural Lamb Green Tripe Freeze-Dried Dog Food Topper provides a tasty single-ingredient supplement filled with flavor and nutrition. Grass-fed lamb green tripe from pristine New Zealand pastures is gently freeze dried for concentrated nutrition and flavor.

Simply add warm water for a delicious lamb mixer packed with powerful natural probiotics to support healthy digestion.  This tasty topper is naturally grain-free and contains no fillers to upset tender tummies. 

Key Benefits:
– 100% New Zealand grass-fed lamb green tripe.
– Gluten and grain free.
– Corn, wheat, soy and GMO free.
– Contains natural probiotics.
– No artificial flavours or preservatives.

New Zealand Grass-fed Lamb Green Tripe

Feeding Instructions:
Our K9 Natural can be served as is (dry) or rehydrated by adding warm water.

If your dog does not drink plenty of water at mealtime, we recommend rehydrating equal parts food to water e.g. 1 cup food = 1 cup water. Fresh water should be available at all times.

*Once reconstituted any unused K9 Natural should be refrigerated in an airtight container. K9 Natural will remain fresh for up to three days if refrigerated.