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$9.90 ONLY: Major Dog® Snack Egg Dog Toy

$9.90 $19.90

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Major Dog is a German maker of premium dog toy & accessory products of maximum quality and durability. All Major Dog products have received one of the highest manufacturing certificates in the world (TUV). 

The Snack Egg is a great activity toy for your dog. Fill it before your dog´s eyes with dry tidbits. Get the Snack Egg rolling, so that some of the goodies drop out. Your dog will quickly start getting the others out, too, while playing with the toy.

The special snack labyrinth will only release small doses of the tidbits at a time, which will not only increase the dog’s pleasure when playing with the toy but also support the animal’s healthy metabolism, since the food is ingested in small portions only.

Key Benefits:
–  Ergonomically designed activity toy made of high-quality, durable materials
–  Supports dog's healthy metabolism
–  Dishwasher safe
–  Designed by testers, tested by dogs

Materials & Measurements:
Material:  100% Natural rubber
Weight:    140g
Size:          78 mm x 81 mm