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$9.90 ONLY: Major Dog® Speed Sling Ball Dog Toy

$9.90 $17.90

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Major Dog is a German premium dog toy & accessory brand and all its products have received the high-quality manufacturing certificate (TUV) in Europe.

The Speed Sling Ball is especially good for your dog's teeth thanks to the carefully selected materials and nubbed surface. 
The long band works like a slingshot, letting you throw the Speed Sling Ball over long distances.This band is made of the special patented fabric that is much more durable than conventional textiles.

Key Benefits:
–  Ergonomically designed activity toy made of high-quality, durable materials
–  Designed by trainers, tested by dogs

Materials & Measurements:
Material:  100% Polyester / Natural rubber

Weight:    90 g
Size:         Ø 50 × 250 mm

Weight:    240 g
Size:         Ø 70 x 300 mm