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60% OFF [EXPO20]: Major Dog® Octopus Retrieval Ball Dog Toy

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Major Dog is a German maker of premium dog toy & accessory products of maximum quality and durability. All Major Dog products have received the one of the highest European manufacturing certificates (TUV). The Octopus Retrieval Ball is easy to throw, even for those who are out of practice, and it is perfect for retrieving. Its ball-like shape allows the Octopus to roll well on the ground when thrown. The four gripping arms allow dogs to pick it up easily, and its nubs massage the dog’s gums at the same time. The material is very robust and durable.

Key Benefits:
–  Ergonomically designed activity toy made of high-quality, durable materials
–  Designed by trainers, tested by dogs

Materials & Measurements:
Material:  Natural rubber
Weight:    340 g
Size:        Ø 120 mm

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