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50% OFF: MOBY'S® Car Rear Seat Pet Hammock (3 colours)

$24.90 $49.90

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Our new car rear seat dog & cat hammock offers a hassle-free, clean and comfortable car ride for your loved ones. This car hammock is extremely easy to set up, clean and wash, and provides maximum cover for your car seats. It can also be folded to save lots of valuable space.

Key Benefits:
–  Provides maximum cover for your car seats from pet hair, drool, dust and dirt
–  Durable and comfortable materials (Durable Oxford with Plated PVC for Waterproofing)
–  E
asy to set up with adjustable straps, foldable for easy carry
–  Easy to clean & wash, waterproof
–  Comes in 3 stylish colours: Turquoise, Magenta and Black

Length 120cm, Top Width 52cm, Bottom Width 46cm, Height 47cm.