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[NEW]: Aatas Cat® Delight Dry Cat Food - Ocean Delight Salmon (1.2kg)


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The Aatas Cat Delight range offers four delectable flavours for the pickiest cats. Complete and balanced nutrition with vitamins and mineral.

Key Benefits: 
– Omega 3 and 6 help maintain healthy skin and coat as well as overall health
– Taurine helps maintain healthy heart and eyes
– Enhanced with prebiotics to support healthy digestion and nutrition absorption
– Antioxidants, vitamins C and E support the immune system and protects your cat's body from damaging free radicals

Corn. Soy bean meal. Poultry meal. Corn gluten meal. Digested animal protein. Poultry fat. Salmon protein hydrolysate. Palm stearine. Tallow. Fish meal. Edible fiber (Cellulose). Dicalcium phosphate. Salt. Tuna oil. Vitamins (Vitamin A. Vitamin D. Vitamin E. Vitamin K. Vitamin B1. Vitamin B2. Vitamin B6. Vitamin B12. Niacin. Pantothenic acid. Folic acid. Biotin). Minerals (Copper. Iron. Manganese. Zinc. Iodine. Selenium). Choline chloride. Preservative agent (Propionic acid. Vitamin C. Vitamin E). Coloring agent (White. Red. Orange). Seafood flavor. Taurine. Enzyme. Esterified glucomannan.