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15% OFF [NEW]: Unicharm® Pet Diaper (Female) - Small (36pc)

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Manner Wear is a fashionable absorbent diaper that caters for both female and male dogs. With its secured absorption capacity, each pet diaper can last for 6 hours, while offering a comfortable and breathable fit that stays in place.

Key Benefits:
– Cool Fashionable Design makes outings even more fun and stylish
– Soft, slim and stretchable fit gathers hassle free to put on even if your dog cheerfully moves around
– Comfortable & Breathable, prefers stuffiness and comfort fo your dog with smooth and soft feeling
– Secured Absorption Capacity, Designed with Middle Secured Absortber, able to absorb urine for 6 hours
– Stays in Position , less likely to come off even when your dog is actively moving around
– Adjustable tail hole, hole size to tuck in the tail is adjustable according to each dog

Fit Guidelines:

Waist Size: 25 - 40cm

Weight: 3-5 -5.5 kg

Suitable for: Minature Daschund, Toy Poodle, Shih Tzu,  etc

Please measure the middle waist of your dog and select the size accordingly.