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10% OFF [NEW]: Ohpopdog® Nihon Collection Dog & Cat Cape - Nami (3 sizes)

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Created in the 1800s, The Great Wave off Kanagawa is arguably one of the most iconic prints in Japanese culture. Nami draws its inspiration from this irresistible force of nature, a daily reminder that there’s so much more to life beyond our own bubbles.

Enter effortless style, with our range of capes in hand-selected patterns! This simple accessory delivers on both form and function, and is incredibly versatile when it comes to the weather, breed and size - perfect as gifts for that dog & cat mate of yours. Re-imagine your furkid's personality, and put on this cape as you guys scout out your next adventure together!

Key Benefits:
– Simple tie-on wearing
– Summer-friendly fabric
– Washing machine safe

Fit neck from 28 – 33.5cm

Fit neck from 30 – 35.5cm

Fit neck from 34cm – 43cm

100% Cotton