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10% OFF [NEW]: Ohpopdog® Nihon Collection Dog & Cat Kimono - Botan (6 sizes)

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The Japanese name for the peony flower, Botan epitomizes the beauty that nature has to offer and the possibilities of a flower in bloom. It symbolizes a blissful life together with loved ones - perfectly in line with its pastel, demure vibe!

Exude charm, elegance and regality all at once when you don (haha, geddit?) the Kimono! Look just like a local when strolling down the streets of Kyoto, and attract excited squeals anywhere else in the world. 

Key Benefits:
– Cooling, summer-friendly material
– Velcro stitched for easy wearing
– Separate tie-on waist bow to complete the Kimono look
– Washing machine safe

Neck: 27cm (11”) Girth: 38 cm (25”) Length: 27.5cm (11”)
Ideal for 2 – 3kg

Neck: 30cm (12”) Girth: 43cm (17”) Length: 29.5cm (11.5”)
Ideal for 4 – 6kg

Neck 33cm (13”) Girth: 46cm (18.5”) Length: 34cm (13.5”)
Ideal for 7 – 8kg

Extra Large
Neck: 35cm (14”) Girth: 54cm(18.5”) Length: 34cm (14.2”)
Ideal for 8 – 9kg

2x Extra Large
Neck: 39cm (15.5”) Girth: 60cm (24”) Length: 39cm (15.5”)
Ideal for 10 – 12kg

3x Extra Large
Neck: 43cm (17”) Girth: 64cm (25.5”) Length: 41cm (16.5”)
Ideal for 13 – 15kg

100% Cotton