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10% OFF [NEW]: Ohpopdog® Nihon Collection Dog & Cat Kimono - Tsuru (6 sizes)

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The mystical crane against the backdrop of the rising sun depicts so much of what we desire - good fortune, longevity, new beginnings. Tsuru was designed to convey just that, perfect for pulling off that elegant and sophisticated look.

Exude charm, elegance and regality all at once when you don (haha, geddit?) the Kimono! Look just like a local when strolling down the streets of Kyoto, and attract excited squeals anywhere else in the world. 

Key Benefits:
– Cooling, summer-friendly material
– Velcro stitched for easy wearing
– Separate tie-on waist bow to complete the Kimono look
– Washing machine safe

Neck: 27cm (11”) Girth: 38 cm (25”) Length: 27.5cm (11”)
Ideal for 2 – 3kg

Neck: 30cm (12”) Girth: 43cm (17”) Length: 29.5cm (11.5”)
Ideal for 4 – 6kg

Neck 33cm (13”) Girth: 46cm (18.5”) Length: 34cm (13.5”)
Ideal for 7 – 8kg

Extra Large
Neck: 35cm (14”) Girth: 54cm(18.5”) Length: 34cm (14.2”)
Ideal for 8 – 9kg

2x Extra Large
Neck: 39cm (15.5”) Girth: 60cm (24”) Length: 39cm (15.5”)
Ideal for 10 – 12kg

3x Extra Large
Neck: 43cm (17”) Girth: 64cm (25.5”) Length: 41cm (16.5”)
Ideal for 13 – 15kg

100% Cotton