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15% OFF [NEW] Petrebels® Carribean Beach 89 Cat Tree - Water Hyacinth

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Are you looking for something different? Then you are absolutely at the right place! NATURAL ECO LOVERS are different. These scratching trees are made mainly from natural raw materials and are an enrichment for every living. We give you and your cat a satisfaction guarantee.

Caribbean feelings come up wherever PETREBELS NATURAL ECO LOVERS appear. The beach and the islands of Curacao and Grenada are not far away. CARIBBEAN BEACH 89 combines natural style with hot rhythms. The interaction of natural water hyacinth leaves (Typhia), robust jute fabric structure and soft plush emboss his typical style. CARIBBEAN BEACH 89 has a stable base plate of 4 cm thickness, a cozy box in shape of a drop and a sofa on the top. Cave and sofa are both equipped with extra an extra soft filling. A plush ball fixed at an elastic rope, provides the necessary variety and for entertainment. CARIBBEAN BEACH 89 is ideal for small and normal-sized cats.

Key Benefits:
- Responsible materials: The best plush quality. Responsible wood! Non-toxic materials! Petrebels only works with factories that create products according to the latest environmental requirements. Sustainable policy and solutions is a must!

- Quality with guarantee: Petrebels products are stable and of high quality. We are proud of what we make and we also guarantee good quality. Petrebels therefore gives a factory guarantee on all their products.

- Long service life: Petrebels glue all their materials. Of course, the lifespan depends on the scratching behavior of your cat. That is why sisal and plush are glued, which extends the lifespan by about 30%!

Measurements & Materials:
Overall: 45 x 45 x 89 CM
Pole Diameter: 9cm
Sisal Diameter: 5.6mm
Base Board Thickness: 4cm