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[DISCONTINUED] Raw Rawr® Freeze-Dried Kangaroo Balanced Diet Dog & Cat Food (2 sizes)

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Raw Rawr Freeze Dried requires no refrigeration and has an almost indefinite shelf life, making it perfect for those occasions when you and your dog are on the move. Simply add water ( no warmer than 37 Degrees Celcius) and you have a nutritious, easy to serve raw meal for your canine companion. Please remember that by adding moisture back to Raw Rawr freeze dried, you reduce the nutrient levels back to what nature would provide.

Raw Rawr is an easy, convenient and affordable way to provide your dog with a nutritionally balanced raw food diet. When you feed Raw Rawr, you can be sure your dog is getting everything nature knows it needs!

Key Benefits:
–  Kangaroo is low in fat and has virtually no saturated fat. Its levels of protein and zinc are similar to those of other meats, but it has more iron, twice as much vitamin B12 and higher levels of most other B vitamins
–  A low fat diet for pets that need to lose that extra pounds.
–  Absolutely no meat meals or by products, steroids, hormones or antibiotics, grain, wheat, corn, soy, potatoes, artificial preservatives or coloring

Kangaroo Meat (80%), Kangaroo Heart, Kangaroo Kidney, Kangaroo Liver, Kangaroo Bone, Cabbage, Broccoli, Kale, Pumpkin, Green Apple, Cauliflower.

Feeding Guidelines:
–  Adults: Feed between 2%-4% of your dog’s ideal bodyweight depending on activity level and metabolic rate per day. Pregnant or nursing mothers may require 2-3 times the adult amount.
–  Puppies: Feed between 6%-9% of bodyweight per day (Split into at least 2 meals a day).
–  Mix with room temperature water and feed. 
–  A good indication on whether you are feeding the right amount of food would be to feel your dog’s ribs. It should have a slight ‘padding’ to it. If you can‘t feel its ribs, reduce food amount and vice versa.
–  Make sure fresh water is available to your dog or cat at all times.