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15% OFF: Stefanplast® Pet Food Container - Silver (3 sizes)

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The Stefanplast Air Tight Dog Food Container helps keep your pet food fresh. The airtight black cover seals out potential pests and moisture from humidity that can soften or mold vittles while in storage. Plus, the top is wide enough to conveniently scoop out food portions as needed.

Key Benefits:
–  High quality materials and design 
–  Made in Italy
Airtight seal keeps out potential pests and moisture from humidity, eliminating the risk of your pet's food going stale or becoming moldy
–  Keeps kibble fresh in a convenient container
–  Wide top allows for easy scooping of food portions
–  Made with premium non-toxic plastic so it's safe to use for food
–  Made in Italy

–  8L: 24 x 27 x H31cm (below 3kg of food)
–  23L: 37 x 32 x H46cm (6-8kg of food)
–  46L: 44.5 x 40 x H61cm (10-12kg of food)