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20% OFF: TropiClean® Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit for Puppies (Toothbrush, Finger Brush & Gel)

$21.30 $25.00

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It's not that pets don't want fresh breath, it's just tough to hold a tooth brush without opposable thumbs! The Fresh Breath Oral Care Kit from TropiClean helps keeping your pal's mouth clean and teeth sparkling quick and easy. The kit includes a QuickFinger Brush, all-natural minty tooth gel, and a TripleFlex toothbruch that cleans all surfaces of the tooth at the same time.

Key Benefits:
–  Drives good oral care by
addressing plaque and tartar formation and promoting healthy teeth and gums, while also soothing minor gum irritations
–  Includes brushing gel toothpaste that safely and gently cleans teeth with natural ingredients, and provides a burst of fresh breath
–  QuickFinger brush allows you to easily and gently clean your pet's teeth at home or on the go, with full coverage
–  TripleFlex toothbrush gives a professional clean, powering through plaque and tartar from three directions, combining maximum efficiency with maximum effectiveness, cleaning the mouth quickly and completely
–  Recommended by vets