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2 FOR $12 [9/9 SALE]: Vitakraft® Treaties Bits Turkey Mint Dog Treats (120g)

$7.90 $15.80

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The meaty Treaties Bits with digestible turkey are produced in a unique process – with the best ingredients and to sugar-free recipe. The mouthguard complex contained reduces the formation of tartar, mint oil also ensures a fresh dog breath. Each bite is filled snack tasty that is cooked gently in the oven. Thus, the Treaties are not only irresistibly tasty, but also nice and juicy when biting into. Your dog will love these meaty snacks!

Key Benefits:
–  Juicy dog snacks with visible filling
–  With easily digestible turkey
–  Gently cooked in the oven
–  Plus mint for fresh breath
–  Dental Care: Helps prevent tartar
–  Sugarless recipe
–  In resealable bag

Meat and meat by-products 72.5% (26.3% turkey, chicken, pork, poultry), vegetables, vegetable protein extracts, minerals (tetrasodium 0.6%), yeasts, vegetable by-products, oils and fats, peppermint Oil (0.1%).