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25% OFF: Absolute Bites® Fresh Salmon Cut Dog & Cat Treats 360g

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Enjoy this absolutely fresh pet treats that are individually packed and vacuumed sealed. Made of just a single ingredient, your pet will enjoy all the authentic and natural flavours infused in a treat. Absolutely healthy- these bites are low in calories, fats and carbs! 100% Natural and Hypoallergenic, 0% Antibiotics or Added Hormones treats- feel free to indulge your pets for being the lovely companions they are. 

Key Benefits:
–  Single ingredient Cat & Dog Treats 
–  Ultimate freshness: Treats are individually packed & vacuum sealed
–  Low calories & low fat
–  100% natural, hypoallergenic treats; 0% antibiotics or added hormones
–  Grain & gluten free
–  Naturally rich in Omega 3 & 6

Key Ingredients:
100% deboned salmon. 

Feedings Guidelines:
Treats are meant for supplementary feeding only.